Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[Review] 2014 Giant Trinity Composite 2

Great Looking, Aero, Comfortable Tri/TT Bike from Giant: The 2014 Giant Trinity Composite 2

The aero-optimized frame is a treat to set up into an aero position, especially if you like to be extremely low at the front end. The handlebars look good and are very comfortable, and the cables other than the front brake are internally routed to help cheat the wind, too.

The front brake uses a mountain bike like system to provide an innovative behind-the-fork aerodynamic set up, while the rear brake is tucked in behind the bottom bracket to decrease drag even further.

With its lightweight, stiff and smooth-riding Giant Composite frame material, engineered and shaped to slice through the wind, Trinity Composite is the ticket to your fastest time yet. The frame is optimized for aerodynamics, efficiency and comfort with a Vector SLR composite seatpost and PowerCore bottom bracket area. It also comes RideSense ready, giving you the option to use Giant's wireless ANT+ system to track your data between T1 and T2. says: "Riding the Composite 2 you quickly get the impression that you're on a much more expensive bike. The ride is impressively smooth and the bike feels rock solid no matter how hard you push on the pedals... The Trinity Composite 2 offers incredible value. If you're riding one, you certainly won't be able to say that you lost because of your bike."

Key Features:
• T-600 raw carbon fiber
• Shimano 10 speed drivetrain with Dura-Ace handlebar end shifters
• Giant SpeedControl 2 brakeset
• Giant Connect SL base-bar with connect aero clip-on
• Shimano R501 wheelset

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Friday, January 24, 2014

2014 Cannondale CAAD10 - The One, The Only, The TEN

The Legendary CAAD10 Needs No Introduction. 

Lighter, stiffer and smoother than many of its carbon competitors, it is simply the world's finest aluminum road racing machine.

The CAAD10 boasts the most sophisticated, highest performance aluminum race bike ever made. Its geometry is virtually identical to the SuperSix EVO for razor-sharp cornering and aggressive race positioning.

Its SmartFormed 6069 frame weighs just 1150 grams, and relies on the most advanced aluminum manufacturing in the world. A complex mix of hydroforming, mechanical shaping, taper-butting, double-pass smooth welding and heat treating produce a frame that is both lighter and stronger.

The stays have been designed in SPEED SAVE format, with a flattened shape and internal butting adding to vertical flex, yet keeping lateral and torsional stiffness. This lets the rear wheel track the ground, improving speed, cornering, grip and comfort.

The fork also has a SPEED SAVE design, and at 360 grams features a 1 1/8" - 1 1/4" tapered steerer and offset dropouts, allowing for more fork angle and compliance without affecting handling. The SPEED SAVE fork is tuned to work in conjunction with the SPEED SAVE stays as a micro-suspension system.

Sitting on top of the frame is a Fi'zi:k Arione CX saddle on a Cannondale proprietary seatpost: the C2 (27.2x300mm). Mavic Aksium rims and hubs keep you rolling on Mavic Aksion folding tires.

Aspiring racers, fast club riders and anyone else looking for a high-performance alternative to carbon - You have found your bike.

See another great bike from Cannondale here!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

After 30 Years, $250,000 Prize Finally Claimed

What Was The Prize Money For? A Human Powered Helicopter.

You read correctly. Human powered helicopter.

I'm sure that when Igor I. Sikorsky and the American Helicopter Society first offered up the original prize money (originally much less than $250,000) He didn't think it would take 30 years before it was accomplished. The Sikorsky prize represents a monumental challenge that requires a level of aerodynamic efficiency that is unheard of in commercial helicopters.

Nevertheless a young group of Canadians with the team name AeroVelo has made aviation history by keeping their contraption hovering at an altitude of 3 meters for at least one minute. The team's quad copter design was created from a frame made of carbon-fiber/Vectran while the blades of the Atlas were made from polystyrene, balsa wood and polyester film. These elements were then tied together by a bicycle at the center of the machine.

Dr. Todd Reichert, one of the leaders of the team, pedaled to lift the Atlas for 64.11 seconds. The craft reached an altitude of 10.8 feet and drifted only 32 feet during the flight, which took place June 13, 2013 in a field house in Vaughan Ontario.

"No one knows better than we do the enormously difficult engineering and human performance challenges that must be overcome in order to meet these flight requirements." the team said in a statement. "We salute this historic accomplishment of the AeroVelo team and the intense dedication, innovation, research and hard work we know it required."

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The 2014 Giant TCR Advanced 1 (Ultegra) - Faster By Design

If Road Racing is in Your DNA, This is Your Machine

Using lightweight, race-proven Advanced-grade composite material, Giant builds every TCR Advanced frame by hand with its innovative, race-proven Compact Road geometry. It features Giant's OverDrive 2 steerer tube design for precision steering and handling. The MegaDrive downtube and toptube combination, along with the PowerCore bottom bracket, produce a razor-sharp, super-efficient ride quality that's often imitated but never duplicated.
OverDrive Steer Tube

The combination of a high end performance frame with the respected Ultegra ensemble along with great wheels and other accessories has been seen as an ideal bike for the serious "recreational" rider and many racing cyclist. Not quite top end, but still an awesome performer and at a price point that's easier to afford and justify than the bikes at the top of the wish list.

The latest incarnation of the Shimano Ultegra is proving to be just as efficient as previous models — and with the addition of an extra cog, (now 22 speed)— it will be a valuable tool for riders wanting or needing an edge. Sharing much of the tech of the top of the range Dura Ace, Ultegra gears and brakes work flawlessly. Given the extremely competitive price, it is a bike well worth considering if you are a competitive person who rides regularly.

The bike is filled out with Giant proprietary parts like the Contact Alloy Handlebar and stem, Vector Aero Composite seatpost and P-SL1 rims, hubs, spokes and tires. A Fi'zi:k Arione saddle tops the ensemble - made with Fiberglass Thermoplastic Composite to provide the best support with optimized stiffness-to-weight construction.

And - last but not least - Giant's RideSense Wireless Data transmitter. Its their all-new chainstay-integrated, removable transmitter that sends wheel-speed and cadence information directly to any ANT+ compatible computer.

Come over to Finish Line Bikes today to come check one of these out for yourself. Take it for a test ride— Maybe even take it home today!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 Cannondale Badboy - The Most Unique, Coolest Looking Street Bike

2014 Bike Review: Cannondale Badboy — One Armed-Front Fork


Alan from Finish Line Bikes in Bakersfield, California is here once again to show off one of the most unique bikes you have ever seen. The 2014 Cannondale Bad Boy 9 is more than just an urban bike.

The main difference in design for the 2014 Bad Boy when compared with other bikes is the front fork. Cannondale calls it their "lefty" - and as you can see it only has a fork on the left side of the bike. It's not a suspension fork, but it does look awesome. Aside from looking awesome, it could be said that the lefty fork gives you a bit of extra room in urban riding situations, as well as helping the bike shed some weight as the fork uses about half of the usual amount of material.

On the handlebar/stem system, Cannondale included a built in front light feature that has a few settings. Obviously off and on, as well as two different blink settings. The brakes are hydraulic disc which is extremely easy to use (as little as one finger!). The nice thing about the brakes is that even if your are commuting in the rain, these disc brakes will perform much better than their mechanical counterparts (in muddy conditions too!)

The Shimano Altus 9-speed provides the shifting — one finger clicking the "top" part of the shifter makes it shift to higher gears, and your thumb controls the downward shift around the "bottom" of the handlebar grip. Cannondale included all internally routed brake and shifter cables as well, which is a nice touch to keep the components clean, and the bike looking that way as well!

If we go to the back of the bike you will see the Shimano Deore rear derailleur which works extremely well (9 cogs in back, 3 chainrings upfront) for a 27 speed bicycle.

This bike is a great all-around bike to ride. It's great for commuting, exercising, or just riding around the town.

It is Finish Line Bikes policy to inform customers of the practicality and value of running Rhinodillos tire liners on their bikes. They are the absolute best at preventing puncture flats —
 See so for yourself :

Monday, January 13, 2014

[VIDEO REVIEW] 2014 Giant Propel Advanced SL 1 - At Gotta Ride Bikes

Check Out All The Great Features of the 

2014 Giant Propel Advanced SL 1

Alan from Finish Line Bikes brings you the most aerodynamically tested bike on the market today. It is a full carbon fiber frame with a confidence inspiring headtube. It is a 1 1/2" lower bearing surface up to 1 1/4" tapered which gives extra strength and helps the bike to steer better.

This is a very aerodynamic bike which you can see demonstrated by features like the integrated seatpost. Not only does it add comfort, but it's also takes away a bit of drag since there is no clamping mechanism. The top of the tube of the bicycle is extremely flat, which is accomplished using a process of tube manufacturing called hydroforming.

Another nice feature is the rear brakes that tucked behind the seat stay, as well as the front brake tucked in behind the fork, reducing drag at yet another point. Even the handlebars are designed to be aero just for this bike.

The shifting system is the new Shimano Dura Ace, which means all of the shifting and braking can be done from either the handlebars or the drops.

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New Years' Closeout Deals at Finish Line in Bakersfield!

Huge Savings on Previous Year Giant, Cannondale, and Felt Bikes.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

[Photos] Shimano Catches On With 11-Speed Groupset

Brand New 2014 Shimano 6800 Ultegra 11-Speed Groupset Gets Upgrades Much Like That of the Dura-Ace

 photos courtesy: Shimano  

For 2014, Shimano has released their Ultegra 6800 11-Speed Groupset. 

The 6800 crank shares the same 4 arm design as the Dura-Ace in this category.

Dave Atkinson of interviewed Shimano's Mark Greshon. He has this to say about the new group: "Ultegra normally takes the latest technology from Dura-Ace and provides it at a much more competitive price. It's for real world riders who want good performance."

The 11-speed phenomenon with Shimano's engineering power to create this new system that "uses technology that's been proven in WorldTour races, proven at the highest level." 
Riders can individually choose from a large variety of gearing options for all kinds of riding. You have the choice between a 11-23 and an 11-32 cassete, and chainring combos include 53-39, 52-36, 50-34, and cyclocross specific 46-36. 

The brakes feature the same two axle symmetric pivot design as Dura-Ace as well, an improvement that Shimano claims increases power by about 16 percent. They are available in both a traditional and a direct mount version.

Using a shorter lever stroke which Shimano claims requires 35% less force input, gives tactile feedback to the rider that the shift has been completed. A defined *click* sound will ensure you that the gear has shifted. Improvements on ergonomics and control come from the more compact hoods and bracket grip, as well as a redesigned carbon lever.  The new wheel on the 11-speed level is the WH-6800. The wheel is lightweight on an offset rim for high rigidity and power transmission. Compatible in tubular, tube, and tubless setups. As with all Shimano wheels, the WH-6800 is 100% in-house produced and hand assembled. The chain has also been redesigned for 11-speeds, and is coated with new surface technology called Sil-tec: an advanced surface painting technology adds a low friction surface treatment that runs smoother and lasts longer.

All in all the new groupset is 35g lighter, and 100% improved.


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