Friday, February 28, 2014

Time To Replace Your Helmet, Here's 5 Reasons Why

Sure, Your Old Helmet Is Still Stylish.

But we should remember why we wear helmets in the first place. Protecting that all-important noggin. Now, obviously, if you have been in a crash, or if the helmet is in two pieces, you will have to get yourself a new one. But maybe you haven't considered one of the reasons on this list. Be informed. Be safe.

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1. Helmet manufacturers recommend replacing helmets every five years. 

And it's not so they can sell a bunch of new ones. It's because the materials in a helmet break down over that time causing the helmet to lose some of it's impact-absorbing ability, which means in a crash, you're at risk!

2. Helmets are constantly improving. 

Today's designs are drastically superior to those we were wearing just a few years ago. Helmet manufacturers have engineered features like better cooling vents, feathery weight, and extra protection against concussions, all of which make it worthwhile to upgrade regularly.

3. Significant Accidents or Falls

EPS foam is made to compress upon heavy impact. This disperses the force of the impact sothat the helmet, not your skull, is taking the brunt of the blow. However, EPS foam does not completely regain its shape after a major impact. The bottom line from every source is that, if the helmet has been in an accident, replace it, even if it does not look damaged.

4. The outside is just foam or cloth instead of plastic, or it doesnt have a CPSC, ASTM or Snell sticker inside, or you just can't get it to fit!

Obviously foam and cloth are not protective enough, but there are still some helmets floating around out there that aren't up to the safety code that manufacturers established in the 1990s. And anything that doesn't fit is probably not good for your ride.


5. It's not a cycling helmet

It's a good idea to wear a different helmet for each sport you participate in. If you skateboard, or do some activity where you crash regularly, you may not want to wear that helmet for cycling, as it could be less prepared for the types of falls that can occur when riding.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[VIDEO REVIEW] 2014 Cannondale Supersix Evo 105 | Finish Line Bikes

The SuperSix EVO is the ultimate road racing machine. Designed to be the perfect blend of all the key factors of performance - weight, stiffness, strength, compliance, handling and aerodynamics.


LIGHT: At under 700 grams, it is the lightest production frame in the world.
STIFF: It has the best stiffness-to-weight ever recorded, an incredible 142.3 Nm/deg/kg.
STRONG: Outperforms even most aluminum frames in destructive and fatigue testing.
SMOOTH: The two zone SPEED SAVE micro-suspension system improves comfort, speed, and control.
SLIM: EVO's smaller diameter tubes give it a significant aero advantage over its oversized competitors, without the weight and stiffness compromises of aero tube shapes.

Frame - SuperSix EVO, BallisTec Carbon, SPEED SAVE, PressFit BB30 Fork -SuperSix EVO, BallisTec Carbon, SPEED SAVE, 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" steerer
Crank - FSA Gossamer Pro, BB30, 50/39/30
Bottom Bracket - Cannondale Alloy PF30 BB Cups, FSA BB30 Bearings
Shifters - Shimano 105 5700
Cog Set - Shimano 105 5700, 12-27, 10-speed
Chain - Shimano 105 5700, 10-speed
Front Derailleur - Shimano 105 5700, braze-on
Rear Derailleur - Shimano 105 5700
Rims - Shimano RS11
Hubs - Shimano RS11
Tires - Schwalbe Lugano, 700x23c, folding
Brake - Shimano 105 5700
Handlebar - Cannondale C3 Compact
Stem - Cannondale C3, 31.8, 6 deg.
Headset - SuperSix EVO, 1-1/4" lower bearing, 25mm top cap
Brake Levers - Shimano 105 5700
Spokes - Shimano RS11
Grips - Cannondale Bar Tape w/Gel, 2.5mm
Saddle - Prologo Scratch Pro T2.0
Seat Post - Cannondale C3, Alloy, 27.2x300mm

Thursday, February 13, 2014

[Review] 2014 Giant TCX Advanced 0


According to Giant, "The 2014 TCX Advanced 0 combines Giant's deep pedigree of world
championship-winning cyclocross bikes with a host of forward-thinking technologies and designs. Last year, Giant assembled a team of engineers, athletes and product developers to rethink the possibilities of cyclocross performance. tapping into Giant's industry-leading engineering and manufacturing capabilities — plus its long history of collaboration with some of the world's top 'cross racers — they set out to create bikes that weren't just light and efficient, but that could significantly boost a rider's level of confidence and control."

 The TCX Advanced features a sub-1050-gram frame made with Giant's Advanced-grade composite material and geometry that's updated with a slightly lower bottom bracket drop and a slightly longer wheelbase compared to previous models. Designed with Finite Element Analysis, which was used to create tube shapes that "enhance the performance and ride quality for cyclocross racing including a flattened and smoothed top tube shape for easier shouldering." It also eliminates the outermost woven composite sheet in order to reduce weight without affecting ride quality, strength or stiffness.

TCR Advanced 1 Brakes Shown

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The biggest news for the TCX Advanced is that it's moved to disc-only compatibility for 2014, complete with post mount tabs front and rear, 135mm rear hub spacing, and the very forward-thinking 15mm thru-axle up front.

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Giant has also moved to a conventional telescoping seatpost with a hidden binder, instead of the predecessor's integrated setup. The new carbon post will use a proprietary D-shaped profile, which the company claims will lend a smother ride than a round traditional form. As has been the trend with its road and mountain bikes, Giant will include house-brand wheels with the new TCX Advanced.

"The wheels on the bikes (both the P-CXR-0 on the Advanced 0 and P-CXR-1 on all other bikes but the SLR 2) are adopted from our mountain bike range, and have a 19mm inner rim width," said James Hibbard of Giant's global on-road marketing department.

"This is ideal for 'cross applications as it opens up the tires profile - helping to create a wider, rounder tire profile. So far, we have had excellent luck with the durability of these wheels, and although they don't have the brand recognition equal to a third-party wheel, like our road wheels, the 'cross wheels were made in conjunction with DT Swiss and really are a value-add from our perspective."

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

10 Symptoms of Cycling Addiction

Are You an Addict?


If one or all of these apply to you, you could be!

1. You spend more on your bike than your car

2. Only the bottom 2/3 of your legs are tanned

3. Your surgeon tells you that you need a heart valve replacement; you ask if you can choose between Presta and Schrader

4. You have more pictures of your bike than yourself

5. (Guys) You actually shave your legs to gain a bit more speed. Let's not elaborate on this one.  

6. When you are forced to drive, you drive with the windows open or the AC on to simulate riding your bike.  

7. There are more jerseys in your closet than dress shirts.

  8. Biker chick means black spandex, not leather, and a Giant Road Bike, not a Harley

  9. Protein bars start to taste better than Snickers or Twix  

10. You find out early on a first date that she doesn't ride a bike; and immediately try to find ways to end the date early. 

 We hope you enjoyed our list, feel free to comment and add more ways to know if you are a cycling addict!