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2014 Colnago CX Zero Disc - Brand New Platform

The 2014 Colnago CX Zero Disc  is a pro-level carbon-fiber bike made for long rides, hard rides, and rough roads. 

As a result, compliance and stability are designed in. While the bike works great on rough roads, the benefits of the design work great on smooth roads as well. The road feedback is blunted and whatever lumps you ride over are absorbed by the frame. The result is greater comfort and less fatigue. Even with this factored in, the bike is still designed for throwing power down to the pedals, with incredible torsional stiffness thanks to the first-ever Colnago BB86 bottom bracket shell and the tapered 1 1/8" to 1 1/4" steerer tube.

Here are some of the key features of the 2014 Colnago CX Zero Disc.

The CX Zero Disc is a rarity in the bike world, a road bike built around rotor disc brakes. No doubt there will be more in the future, but Colnago had been eyeing the technology for some time and working on how to best mate discs with a road frameset. This is their answer.

Image Credit: road.cc
The lay-up and shapes reflect the forces that not only what heavy braking does by the hub, but how human power from above and the road from below affect the ride. As the intermediary to the road, the bike was designed to be ridden fast, with a confident, stable, comfortable mien. To maximize comfort, the chain stays are curved and taper dramatically as they move toward the dropouts, the seat stays are thin, and a 27.2mm seat post is used. To maximize efficiency, Colnago employs a BB86 bottom bracket, a massive bb shell area, and a 1 1/8" to 1 1/4" tapered steerer.

Going with mechanical Shimano Ultegra means you have more tactile sensation while pounding rough roads. You'll have an easier time locating the shifts under heavy gloves. They limit your choice of brake to cable-pulled disc brakes, but Shimano's BR-R515 & SM-RT99 calipers, but to compensate for the reduced power, Colnago puts an adapter on the fork and installs a 160mm rotor. The rear remains 140mm.
Ultegra shifting and cranks offer pro-level performance on an amateur's salary. The ergonomics and feel are the same. The 50/30 compact chain rings and 11-25 eleven speed cassette offer a wide, tightly-spaced range of gears.

This is a bike designed to last as long as the ancient roads that support classic racing. While this bike is configured for mechanical shifting, it can easily be switched for electronic, with the battery run either externally or internally.

The Colnago CX Zero Disc Ultegra bike gets you an endurance ride that punches above its weight.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014 Cannondale Slice RS 3 Ultegra Review | Finish Line Bikes

This Clock-Crushing Aero Sled Takes the "Narrower is Faster" Concept to New Extremes

With Cannondale's slippery carbon frame that is nearly invisible viewed from the front and that smooths the road for even more free speed and top comfort with their AERO SAVE stays. You also get their high-tech external-steerer carbon fork that hides from the wind, Vision's aero wheels with fine Schwalbe tires, a precision Shimano drivetrain and trick Cannondale brakes hidden from the wind. Plus, this wind-cheater boasts FSA bars, a carbon seatpost and Fizik's Arione Tri2 seat so that you can find your perfect aero tuck to blow by the competition on your way to the podium.

Based on the concept that Narrow is Aero, everything on the Slice RS, from the radical steerer-less fork to the windshadow brakes to that crazy looking seat post, is designed to minimize the surface area presented to the wind.

It works so well that the Slice RS can save up to 20 seconds in 40k compared to our competition. And with features like our AERO SAVE anti-vibration technology, and CFit modular fit system, it’s a time-slicing machine that’s as comfortable as it is aero.

Cannondale SliceFEATURES:
Cannondale's Slice aero frame features a wind-cheating elliptical down tube and their Speed Shadow seat tube that tucks the rear wheel neatly into the tube’s slipstream for awesome aerodynamics. The frame also boasts sleek aero seatstays with bends to damp road vibrations so you feel great as you set new personal records.

BB30BB30 is an oversize bottom bracket standard that boosts stiffness and decreases weight. BB30 bottom bracket bearings are pressed directly into compatible frames, meaning there are no heavy external cups to thread in. And, BB30 cranksets feature 30mm-diameter spindles (standard spindles are smaller) for greater pedaling efficiency and increased power transfer.

Cannondale's AERO SAVE stays create a micro suspension system that allows the rear wheel to track the ground, improving comfort, control, traction and handling. Designed to help European pros carry speed over cobbled roads, this system allows the bike to roll faster, accelerate better and corner harder without affecting pedaling efficiency so your ride is both faster and more enjoyable.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Top Ways To Increase Pedaling Efficiency

 The Number One Rule Is: PRACTICE!

One pedaling drill you can do on any ride with downhills is spinning the pedals as quickly as possible as you accelerate down slopes. To do this correctly, leave the bike in a gear that's too easy, one that forces you to fan the pedals to keep up with the speed of the bike. Your goal is to rev your legs as quickly as you can while remaining seated. At first, you'll probably bounce a lot on the seat. But, with practice, you should be able to stay in the seat and maintain a calm upper body even though your legs are spinning at supersonic speed. If you do this drill a lot, your pedaling speed and efficiency will quickly improve.

Try Rollers
If you're willing to purchase a handy piece of cycling equipment, a great way to smooth your spin is to train indoors on rollers. Rollers consist of a frame with three spinning drums (one for the front wheel, two for the rear), with a rubber belt connecting the front drum to one of the rear drums. You put your bike on the rollers and start to pedal and you can balance and ride just like you do spinning down the road outside. Most rollers have optional equipment that allows increasing resistance because there isn't much drag from just the roller unit itself.

From bicycling.com

Hip-Knee-Ankle Alignment

Viewed from the top, your hip, knee and ankle should line up throughout the pedal stroke. If you can't correct this, or experience knee pain when you try to restrict lateral movement, you may need orthotics or another type of biomechanical adjustment.

Zone 1

Reference Picture Above For Zones

Known as the power phase, the portion of the pedal stroke from 12 o'clock to about 5 o'clock is the period of greatest muscle activity. Todd Carver, a biomechanist at Colorado's Boulder Center for Sports Medicine comments: "A lot of people think hamstrings are used only on the upstroke, but a good cyclist uses a lot of hamstring in the downstroke, because it extends the hip." The key to accessing the large muscles in the back of your leg is dropping your heel down as you come over the top of the stroke." He says. "At 12 o'clock, your toes should be pointed down about 20 degrees, but as you come over the top, start dropping your heel so that it's parallel to the ground or even 10 degrees past parallel by the time you get to 3 o'clock.

Zone 2

Using the same muscles as in the power phase, but to a lesser degree, this phase acts as a transition to the backstroke. "As you enter Zone 2, think about firing the calf muscles to point your toe." Carter says. As you come through the bottom of the stroke, the toe should be pointed down 20 degrees. "This ankling technique transfers some of the energy developed in Zone 1 by the bigger muscles to the crank," Carver says. He uses the advice popularized by Greg Lemond: "Act like you're scraping mud off the bottom of your shoe"  

Zone 3

Even though you feel like you're  pulling your foot through the back of the stroke, you're not. "When you look at even the best cyclists, they're losing power on the upstroke," says Carver. "The pedal is actually pushing your leg up, so the goal is to lose as little power as possible and get that foot out of the way"

Zone 4

As you enter the second half of the upstroke phase, think about initiating your downstroke. A tip: As you begin to come across the top of the stroke, think about pushing your knee forward, toward the bar. But only your knee, says Carver: "Your pelvis should remain a stable platform, not sinking down and not moving forward.

Forced Spinning 

 A classic cycling trick to improve pedaling technique is riding a fixed-gear bike in the winter. Constant pedaling is required because you can't coast. And you must accelerate pedal speed on downhills because you can't shift. These factors combine to smooth your pedal stroke and force you to spin complete circles. Pick ride routes that avoid steep climbs and descents. You don't need to buy a new bike to pull this one off, either. A threaded-hub wheel, a track cog, a BMX chain and a few axle spacing tricks can turn your regular bike into a fixed-gear rig. We can help with the conversion.


LA Velodrome

Try The Track
If you're one of the privileged few who can ride a track bike at a velodrome (a circular, banked track for cycling), you'll reap the same benefits as training on a fixed-gear bike. Never ride a track bike on the road, though. Brakes are a must on the street, and track bikes don't have them.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

2014 Cannondale Scalpel 29er 3 Review

The Scalpel 3 is the most sophisticated full suspension cross-country bike in the world and is designed for XC racers and frequent riders who are looking for the kick when it gets hard.

The Cannondale Scalpel 29 3 is a truly striking appearance by its organically flowing and massive tubes. While maintaining a lightweight chassis, Cannondale engineers put a huge emphasis on frame stiffness. Every aspect of the frame, be it the pivots, the tubes, or junctions — even down to the component — follow that objective. Weight and riding fun come in closely behind.

It is made of SmartFormed 6061 aluminum alloy and heat-treated to a T6 hardness for strength and durability. The shape optimized tubing helps reducing weight and increasing strength. The trademark double-pass smooth weld technology eliminates the stress-risers and weak points found on traditionally welded frames. In terms of geometry the bike has some short chain stays to provide more agile handling, better traction at the rear wheel, and unbeaten climbing skills. It shares the identical geometry and rider position as the F29 to make the transition between hard tail and full suspension seamless for the racers.

For stiffness Cannondale is going for high tech, from huge diameter organic shapes to an X-12 rear
axle (142mm x 12mm). The ECS-TC System stands for a clamped, 15 mm thru axle in the shock linkage and swingarm pivot, as well as double bearings at the rear dropouts. That eliminates flex and provides unmatched center-stiffness for complete control. Scalpel achieves levels of light weight and efficiency unheard of with System Integration design. Cannondale designs components to work together, like the Lefty Hybrid fork and Si Stem/Steerer.

High end SRAM 2x10 shifting components underline the standard of this XC machine. Magura MT2 disc brakes guarantee control in every situation and stop the bike immediately whenever needed.

Thanks to the OPI (One Piece Integratoin) and construction of the upside-down dual crown design the Lefty Hybrid XLR is a super light and super stiff suspension unit. It offers 100mm air suspension, a lockout and adjustable rebound dampening. The fork comes with an integrated plain bearing with upstream sealing, making the former Lefty folding bellows superflous.
Hence the name Lefty Hybrid. A combination of superior needle bearing technology and the plain bearings. In contrast to the plain bearings of the competition here a very low-friction guidance of the linear spring movement is achieved. That means that the fork does not have to overcome static friction during superhard brakes, shocks and heavy steering effort.

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2014 Liv/Giant Avail Advanced 1 — Every Advantage On The Road

Speed and Responsiveness, Plus a Smooth, Comfortable Feel. From Sprints To All-Day Epics, This is Your Edge

"It will definitelly let you enjoy the scenery and ride simultaneously" - Bicycling Magazine Reviewer

Summing up the ride qualities of the 2014 Giant Avail Advanced 1, Bicycling Magazine wrote, "The Avail was comfortable during long outings, yet still agile and fun to ride. It responded readily to rider input without feeling twitchy, whether we were out of the saddle climbing or making swoopy turns while descending. If your goals include centuries, all-day outings, or even a dirt-road race, you'll likely find the Avail suited to the task."

The Editor's Choice Awards represent the highest honor for Bicycling, the world's largest cycling magazine with more than 2 million readers.

The material, engineering and smooth lines of the Advanced-grade composite frameset make it incredibly responsive and efficient for climbing and sprinting- but not at the cost of comfort. It features women's-specific endurance geometry, an OverDrive 2 steerer tube which provides precise handling while cornering and descending, a Powercore bottom bracket for optimal power transfer,  and Ride Sense ANT+ sensor for wireless data transmission. Avail Advanced gives you every advantage on the road.

FrameAdvanced-grade composite, electronic ready
ForkAdvanced-grade composite, full-composite OverDrive 2 steerer
HandlebarGiant Contact, 31.8mm
StemGiant Contact, OverDrive 2
SeatpostGiant Vector Composite
SaddleFi'zi:k Vesta, MG rails
ShiftersShimano Ultegra
Front DerailleurShimano Ultegra
Rear DerailleurShimano Ultegra
BrakesShimano Ultegra
Brake LeversShimano Ultegra
CassetteShimano Ultegra 11x28, 11-speed
ChainShimano Ultegra
CranksetShimano Ultegra, 34/50
Bottom BracketShimano Press Fit
RimsGiant P-SL1 WheelSystem
HubsGiant P-SL1 WheelSystem
SpokesGiant P-SL1 WheelSystem
TiresGiant P-SL1, front and rear specific, 700x25, folding

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Ride Without Limits- 2014 Giant Trance 1 27.5

Slippery Roots, Wheel Eating Ruts, Big Drops. Whatever the  Trail Throws Your Way, You'll Be Ready.

Giant-Bicycles.com: All new and totally re-engineered for the benefits of 27.5-inch wheels, Trace 27.5 is the best of both worlds-light and agile, yet super stable on the roughest trails. The lightweight, stiff and super-strong ALUXX SL aluminum frame is mated with 140mm of proven Maestro suspension. The frame also features Giant's OverDrive 2 steerer tube technology for stiff, razor sharp handling even in the rough stuff. Climbing or descending, there's no better way to own the trail.

Image Credit: Flowmountainbike.com
The gloss and matte-black trail frame sports a carbon front triangle and aluminum rear end. It feels taut and responsive, likely due to the short links controlling the Maestro suspension. It may say 140-millimeters on the tin, but it feels like much more.

With a 66-degree head angle when the Fox 34 Talas is run at 160mm - (67 degrees at 140mm) the bike is relaxed enough to really let loose. it feels well balanced and poised for high-spirited trail bike mischief.

Internal cabling (including for the new Giant Contact IR dropper post) has greatly improved the bike's aesthetics, and even with a mid-range SLX/XT build kit the complete bike is just over 13kg. The component spec is magnificent for the money. A particular highlight is the FOX TALAX CTD fork and ever-reliable Shimano SLX brakes. And the tires are an inspired choice: a big Shwalbe Hans Dampf up front and a fast rolling Rock Razor on the rear.

Overall, this is an envy-inspiring Giant that looks great and rides equally well - Seb Kemp, bikemag.com

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